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About Chilko Basecamps

After more than half-a-decade of Coast Mountain expeditions lasting as long as 30 days each and covering more than 1200km's Sam McKoy started Chilko Basecamps with the aim of sharing the stunning scenery and ski touring experience with guests from around the world. 

The boutique sized basecamps are meant to provide guests with an intimate experience with the landscape and friends while roaming each day through the environment ski touring. A balance of helicopter access and self-propelled skiing means great locations and a more sustainable means of experiencing the mountains than ski resorts or mechanized cat-skiing or heli-skiing,


explore        your wild side

taste            A warm Drink

Feel               the glacial wind

Embrace        Connecting with place


Did you know we donate 4% of all our revenue towards various environmental, community and cultural initiatives?

Why choose Chilko?

  • Safety through professional ACMG and/or IFMGA guides

  • Intimate local knowledge

  • Low guest to guide ratio of 3:1

  • We're basecamp specialists

  • High quality food and catering from an experienced cook

  • Unparalleled locations

  • Comfort of a camp with high quality dome and sleeping tents provided

  • High level of organization and flexibility

  • We donate give back to environment and community

The Name

The name Chilko, originating from the Tsilhqot'in people (commonly referred to as Chilcotin) is a name that characterizes the Chilcotin Mountains. The Chilcotin Mountains are a place of meaning to us. Similarly named is Chilko Lake, a large stunningly blue lake nestled deep in the Coast Range mountains halfway between Pemberton and Bella Coola. The lakes waters provide a source of water for spawning salmon in the Chilko River and a source of food and abundance for the First Nation Peoples of the land. It's beauty, remoteness, setting in the mountains and source of abundance characterizes the experience we hope to convey on our adventures. 

About the logo.




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we're in the people business

Atna Adventures

In Athapaskan language Atna (or Ahtna) most commonly means people or 'the people'. But not just any people, people from elsewhere or 'foreigners'Chilko Basecamps and Ipsoot Journeys are the winter and summer divisions respectively of Atna Adventures. Atna Adventures is committed to people coming from near and far and fostering the experiences and growth that comes with spending time in the wilds.