Basecamp Location - Athelney Pass


Athelney Pass is a mystical place and undeservingly less-reputated location situated north of Pemberton in the Upper Lillooet Region bordering the Lillooet Icefields. It sports a number of classic ski mountaineeing objectives, amazing descents and a variety of terrain. Including gladed skiing.


This location falls under our Tier 3- South Coast Locations ($2400 CAD per person). Our camp will be established in the broad Athelney Pass with a multitude of ski descents and mountaineering objectives at our doorstep.

Possible summits include:

  • Mount Guthrum (2695m)
  • Mount Icemaker (2735m)
  • Mount Salal (2530m)
  • Mount Ochre (2530m)
  • Mount Fasp (2495m)

And various other summits.

Our basecamp is placed high at 1800m, with 600-800m runs on all sides! One of our favourite runs descends 1000m from the summit of Icemaker peak right into camp down a fabulous glacier.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 10.54.48 PM.png
One of our favourite runs. 

One of our favourite runs. 

This location is best March-April and well into May.

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Check out this location in the summer.