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Dec 20-22

Instructional multi-day trip for the South Coast Touring Community on the Duffey Lake Road with ACMG Ski Guide and Canadian Avalanche Association professionals.


Who is this trip for

This is for those who have ski toured a little but are still in the early stages of developing their experience and touring community. AST 1 is recommended but not required. Some backcountry skiing experience required.

This trip is a good bridge between the AST 1 and AST 2 or further adds development to your experience after an AST 2. 


What this trip entails

Share, learn, inhabit and develop your mountain sense.

There will be a basecamp set up which we'll all pitch in to carry. The first day we'll make the approach to our camp spot as one big group. Once camp is ready we'll head out touring.

Trip includes: waste management, basecamp tent set-up, and guiding

The trip does not include: food, personal gear, and transportation to the trailhead

There will likely be opportunities to pair up with food buddies for cooking. 


Each of the two evenings will offer opportunities for story telling in the glow of our makeshift 'lodge'. Such telling of stories is a great way of passing on experience, developing bonds and learning. In this way you maximize the learning opportunities from a 3 day trip. It's also a great way to develop winter camping experience. 

The following days you have an opportunity to tour independently or join ACMG guides on instructional tours.


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Waitlist available.

Remaining Gear availability

2 rental sleeping setups (pad, bag, liner, & pillow)

8 rental tent spots


Payment is required to book your spot and can be made electronically after signing up. Price does not include tax.


Please come with decent fitness. Ability to walk a slow or steady pace all day and comfortably exist in the mountains for 3 days. 

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Topics will range but will follow a theme each day. 

The learning experienced is designed to meet group needs, questions and to flow organically. Topics will likely include track setting, reading the mountains (developing your mountain sense), group management in avalanche terrain, human factors, navigation, how to develop your experience, etc.

We'll likely dig pits, pull out compasses, jump hard on snow features and shred the gnar while we're at it. 

In the evenings we'll have some deep dark discussions about risk and what it means to be a trip leader surrounding hazards that can lead to fatalities.  



You will need: ski touring, avalanche safety, camping and cooking equipment, warm clothing and a pack to carry it all in. Your pack will need some extra space to help fit any additional basecamp components.


Lead Guide: Sam McKoy

Lead Guide: TBD


If you need a tent spot or a sleeping bag and pad, check the box in the sign up form. 3 people per rented tent. 



Views of the terrain surrounding the Duffey Lake Road. Location is tentatively set for Rohr Lake. See below for photos of that area.





Gear List:

  • Personal ski touring equipment (skins, touring skis & bindings)
  • Avalanche equipment (transceiver, shovel, probe)
  • Overnight camping equipment- if not renting: tent, winter sleeping bag & pad
  • Cooking equipment (stove, fuel, pot)
  • Warm clothing - anticipate winter conditions
    • Base layer top x2
    • Base layer bottom x1
    • mid layer top
    • Shell jacket
    • Warm down jacket
    • Warm gloves
    • Light small glove x2
    • socks x2
    • warm hat and less warm hat
    • buff (optional)
    • goggles (optional)
    • down/hut booties (recommended)
    • helmet (recommended)
  • overnight pack 45-60L
  • small foam pad (recommended)
  • Miscellaneous
    • tootbrush
    • spoon & eating container
    • headlamp
    • personal blister/first aid kit
    • sunglasses
    • Baldwin's Duffey Map and compass (optional)



Let's get out there!

Day 1

We'll meet at Pemberton's Mount Currie Coffee company dark & early to meet and greet and then shuttle to the trailhead up the Duffey Lake Road. Please have winter tires if you intend to drive.

After hiking into our camp location we'll set up the tent empire and then head to the hills for some runs. There will be opportunities to look at the snowpack and ski some runs. 

In the evening we'll have stoves firing, tea brewing and hot cups of food. Informal discussion, story telling will surround the steam and glow of our makeshift backcountry 'lodge'.

Day 2

An early  wake-up will ensue with breakfast and a full day in the mountains with an ACMG guide. This is where we'll range a little further, maybe bag a peak and delve into a spectrum of informal topics. The learning topics will be aimed to pass on knowledge in a mentorship fashion and also addressing what the group wants to learn. The evening will be spent reflecting and here we might jump into the questions of risk and decision making. Things might get heavy, we might have good laughs, come with an open mind and open heart.

Day 3

In the morning we'll sadly pack up the tents despite having found new pleasure in the routine. We'll leave the heavy gear to head out for a final loop tour. After a great final few sessions we will pack up the gear and head out to the car. We'll have a small course close and potentially head to Mile One for a tasty bite of civilization or we'll scatter like the wind!



You'll need to provide your own food. We'll help you coordinate with food buddies to share cooking duties and cooking equipment.