Before contacting us, make sure one of your questions isn't first answered here.

Q: what kind of ski touring equipment should i have?

A: We highly recommend a tech system like the Dynafit Radical or G3 ions. Ski size ranging from 100-120mm at the waist is recommended. We recommend having compatible ski crampons for your kit.

Q: What if I'm a snowboarder?

A: We strongly, strongly recommend split-boarding and don’t allow snowshoes. We encourage snowboarders to join the mix. Our guides are very familiar with snowboarding equipment. Split boarders must have ski crampons for their splitboards. Hardboot snowboarding set-ups are preferable for ski mountaineering.

Q: Will there be helicopters, snowmobiles and other people around our location?

A: There is always the chance of other people in the area but it's usually quite rare. We aim to choose locations away from snowmobile and high traffic areas. 

Q: Will my sleeping bag be warm enough?

A: You're sleeping bag should be rated to -15C as an average. If you're a cold sleeper, you can sleep warmer by adding hot water bottles, wearing your insulation layer in bed, adding an extra blanket, etc. If you're worried about your sleeping bag, consider renting a warmer bag or buying an over-bag. You can also consider renting a sleeping bag and pad from us, prices vary based on trip.

Q: Where do you recommend sleeping in Pemberton?

A: We recommend the Lillooet River Lodge if you're looking for a nice B&B. For hotel style accommodation, check out Pemberton Valley Lodge.

Q: Where do you recommend Sleeping in Tatla Lake or Bella Coola?

A: Right near the staging area, White Saddle Country Inn is a great place to sleep. Another option include the Graham Inn. In Bella Coola we recommend Eagle Lodge or Bella Coola Mountain Lodge

Q: can i book as a group of 2, 3, 4, or 5? Or can I book for just myself?

A: Feel free to fill out a booking form and specify the group size you have in 'Additional Info'. You'll be charged the same price based on a group of 6 but we can try to help you fill your empty seats if you like. If you'd like to book for just yourself, fill out an individual booking form and specify your situation in the 'Additional Info' section. We'll try to pair you with a trip that might have an open seat. 

q: Do i have to tip? IF so: how much?

A: Tipping is never required, though it is appreciated. The staff will be working hard for you and if you feel they deserve a tip as a symbol of appreciation for those efforts then thank you. For a 7 day trip 5-10% of trip cost is a good guideline if you're wondering “how much?” We understand however if you can't afford anything more than the trip, we're happy to have you with us nonetheless.

Q: Can i request a specific location? Even outside of the southern half of the Coast Mountains?

A: Yes! You can specify a location preference in the booking form. However, location is still subject to forecast. For locations outside the southern half of the Coast mountains, contact us.

Q: If we Want to go to a specific location, how do we know what price?

A: Contact us to get a price on a specific location, we'll let you know the difference in price for different price locations. Prices are an approximate. 

Q: Can we bring alcohol?

A: Yes. You can bring your own alcohol but we recommend packing denser drinks such as spirits. Beers often freeze and explode.

Q: Are the camps safe from avalanche danger?

A: We make sure we're camped away from any avalanche exposure. 

Q: Is rain possible during the basecamp?

A: High freezing levels can happen but is uncommon; given the high elevation of our camps, our locations often get snow even in summer. Changing climates mean these warm weather patterns are unpredictable. 

Q: What if i don't like where the camp is going to be?

A: That's unlikely; our locations are incredible! Contact us if you want somewhere specific.

Q: What is included in the price? What's not included?

A: Price vary based on the trip. A flagship basecamp includes flights, food, guiding, catering, ropes, rescue equipment and accommodation during the trip. It does not include accommodation before and after the trip, travel costs to the staging location, personal gear (see logistics), sleeping gear, personal insurance or alcohol. 

Q: What time will we be back at the cars at the end of the trip?

A: We'll aim to be back at the cars by early afternoon but weather delays can affect that. Try to give yourself a buffer before booking flights, work or other adventures after your trip.

q: Do you offer shorter trips?

A: Contact us about a custom shorter trip.

Q: can i bring my own tent?

A: You're welcome to bring your own tent as long as it's a 4-season tent. If space is an issue, you may be asked to double with another participant in the spacious 3 person tents provided. 

Q: Are the photos on the website from the Coast Mountains and potential locations?

A: No trickery here. All the photos are of skiing in potential locations and of the Coast Mountains.

Q: Do i need mountaineering experience?

A: Mountaineering experience is helpful but not required. Our guides will get you up to speed and there are objectives for everyone with or without mountaineering experience. 

Q: can i charge my devices?

A: No. At the moment we do not have a generator or solar panels. We're equipped with spare batteries and we recommend you bring spares of your own. 

Q: Are the tents heated?

A: The sleeping tents are not heated but double wall design provides some level of insulation. The dome basecamp tents are heated by numerous bodies, and cooking stoves. There is no wood stove at this time.

Q: Can I make phone calls on the satellite phone?

A: We primarily use inReach devices. Consider renting your own satellite phone if you need to conduct business or make regular calls. 

Q: Can I bring my own spot or inReach?

A: We would like to discourage you from bringing your personal emergency devices such as Spot, inReach, PLB, or ELT's. In an emergency situation, your guides will be well equipped and extra activated devices can cause turmoil and confusion if activated also. inReach left in camp for texting/communication purposes is acceptable.

Q: Will you have weather forecasts and avalanche information out there?

A: Your guides will be equipped with the latest weather and avalanche conditions knowledge and they will be updated as possible or necessary. 

Q: What if my ski or binding breaks?

A: We'll have an extensive repair kit but we recommend having trustworthy equipment for your trip because of our limited capacity to repair equipment and the cost of flying in more. Triple check that everything is working well.

Q: Do I need to ski with a helmet?

A: You will be required to wear a helmet for certain ski mountaineering objectives. Though we recommend you ski with a helmet, you are not required to if not ski mountaineering. Climbing helmets such as the Petzl Meteor are also acceptable.

Q: Do you offer ski traverses

A: For a custom ski traverse trip, contact us. Examples include Misty Icefield, McBride, Waddington, Silverthrone, Monarch Icefield, Lillooet Icefield, Homathko Icefield, etc.