Food is Everything in the Mountains



Catered camps will come well stocked with a variety of gourmet baked goods, fresh foods, healthy snacks and hearty meal choices. Warm coffee or tea ready for you as soon as you get up on a brisk morning and appetizers ready-made once back from a long day of skiing/boarding easily make the camp chef the most popular person in camp.

In addition to fresh-made hearty meals and drinks foods are made healthy and in enough abundance to give you the inner furnace you need when spending a week in the mountains comfortably. 



Due to the nature of the camp, accommodating dietary requirements may not be possible. Inquire about dietary restrictions.

If looking to self-cater, please inquire. 




safety is A priority


Your Guides

Your lead guide will be an ACMG and/or IFMGA certified ski/mountain guide. Currently, guiding is done primarily by ACMG Ski and Hiking Guide and Professional Member of the Canadian Avalanche Association Sam McKoy. To aid Sam will be a second guide, providing a small 3:1 client to guide ratio.

Sam is a born and bred Coast Mountain skier from Whistler/Pemberton who, since his beginnings in guiding, has amassed experience in the mountains greater than his years, his passion is infectious and his toes reflect more than 2200km of travel on foot in expeditions over the last 4 years. Sam combines his extensive knowledge of the Coast Range from expeditions, being raised in the area and winters spent heli-skiing to keep you safe and answer your questions. To learn more about Sam visit

Though as guides the aim is to provide maximum fun, the true goal will be to ensure everyone's safety in a complex and challenging mountain environment. The remoteness has an added factor that will mean that objectives have to be carefully evaluated. With a trained professional you'll find that you can maximize the most of your week of vacation and have astounding days with an extra safety net.

Self-guided trips are not offered.

Photo Rich So

Photo Rich So


Guides will have

  • high levels of training and experience 

  • First aid and crevasse rescue equipment and training

  • radios and satellite communication devices

  • First aid and professional avalanche training.

  • An ability to point at distant peaks heroically


Your guides will be

  • Working with the helicopters

  • refreshing your avalanche skills

  • route finding

  • constantly evaluating the weather and snow conditions

  • providing coaching and tips

  • maintaining the camp

  • shredding harder than you ;)

  • etc