Organized Trips

Instructional overnight trip for the South Coast Touring Community on the Duffey Lake Road with ACMG Ski Guide and Canadian Avalanche Association professionals.

Join ACMG ski guides and camp on a glacier accessed on foot or by helicopter this spring for a ski mountaineering basecamp. Tag objectives, learn new skills and find opportunities to exercise them. 

Prices are all in Canadian dollars (CAD). 

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Organized Trips


Dates available for Group Bookings

  • Jan 10-14: Pemby Mystery Camp, $1600

  • Feb 16-22: Cyclone, $2300

  • April 10-16: Pebble Creek, $2500

  • April 17-23: Athelney Pass, $2600

  • April 29-May 4 (Booked)

  • May 5-11: Tellot, $2700

  • May 15-21: Manetee Group, $2600

  • May 22-28: Lillooet Icefields, $2700

Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and are per-person based on groups of 6. 


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Custom Trips

Learn more about our locations and booking custom trips.