A trip to Nirvana Pass?

You've booked your trip online and the dates are quickly approaching. You'll need to know directions to the staging area, what to bring and what to expect. 

So lets go over the logistics!

We'll contact you after full payment is made with a meeting area and time. Expect meeting anywhere between 7am and 8:30am so consider accommodation the night before. 


Day 1 will start with quick introductions and signing waivers. Please make sure you've filled out the Medical Form. We'll  quickly move to a staging area (if not there already) to begin the heli flight in. 

Day 2-6 will be spent skiing around the area and on day 7, we'll aim to have camp packed by mid-morning (10am) for a heli transfer back out. We hope to be back at the cars by early afternoon. 

Gear list

Before packing your car you'll need to make sure you have everything packed. You'll need to bring:

Ski gear

  • lightweight ski touring skis with fitting skins
  • ski touring specific boots
  • poles
  • avalanche transceiver (modern 3 antennae, digital)
  • Shovel (metal)
  • Probe (2 or 3m)
  • ski touring daypack (30-45L)
  • Ski crampons (required for everyone in group for any April or May trips)

Technical Gear

(you will be notified if you don't need technical gear for your trip)

  • lightweight harness
  • triple action locking carabiner 
  • locking carabiner x1
  • non locking carabiner x3
  • 6mm supple cordelette x 1@2m long and x1@5m long
  • helmet (can be a climbing helmet)
  • ice axe
  • boot crampons**

ski Clothing

  • shell jacket
  • shell pants
  • goggles (optional for spring trips)
  • sunglasses* (extra dark)
  • spare sunglasses (optional)
  • light softshell
  • light base layer top
  • light base layer bottom
  • mid-weight insulation top layer
  • heavy-weight insulation top layer
  • ski socks x3
  • heavyweight gloves
  • spare heavyweight gloves (optional)
  • light gloves
  • sun hat*
  • warm toque (hat)
  • light toque (hat)

Camp clothing

  • camp/sleeping base layer top and bottom
  • sleeping socks (optional)
  • extra camp insulation top layer (optional)
  • extra camp insulation bottom layer (optional)
  • camp socks x2
  • camp winter boots
  • Hut booties (optional)

Sleeping Gear

  • winter sleeping bag (rated to -15C or warmer)
  • sleeping pad (R value of 3.5 or higher)
  • lightweight pillow or stuff-sack (optional)
  • sleeping bag liner (optional)
  • extra blanket for warmth (optional)
  • personal 4-season tent (optional and space dependent)
  • small & light foam pad (optional: you will be provided with a sitting pad)


  • headlamp & spare batteries
  • alcohol (beer risks freezing, please bring spirits for weight & space)
  • camera & spare battery (optional)
  • toiletries
  • Sunscreen* (SPF 45+, zinc or titanium dioxide highly recommended)
  • SPF 30 chapstick*
  • personal blister/medical kit
  • Thermos (optional)
  • water bottle (1.5-3L capacity- no camel-back systems)
  • small synthetic pack-towel
  • large heavy duty compacter garbage bag (optional)
  • earplugs


You should expect to wear your ski gear and ski boots for the flights. All other gear (ice axes, skis) should fit in a 60L max duffle bag and your daypackThe duffel bag should weigh less than 50lbs.

Chilko reserve the right to refuse gear or charge extra for the additional weight and volume. 

*Spring snow can cause intense sunburn and snow blindness. Expect hot temperatures and protect appropriately with dark glasses, effective skin coverage, high spf sunscreen and light baselayers.                  

**You will be notified when booking whether you will need boot crampons.


Equipment Rental

Ski touring equipment can be rented through MEC rentals and Escape Route and Excess Backcountry in Whistler.

We offer sleeping rental packages including -20 sleeping bag, fleece liner, winter pad and pillow.