4% towards sustainability

The environment, our communities, our economies and our culture matters to us as a company. Atna Adventures (of which Chilko Basecamps is the winter child) is committed to sustainable practices in all those facets. 


Our goal to the environment is to leave minimal trace with properly disposed grey water, packing out all waste, treating wildlife respectfully and minimizing our carbon footprint.

A tent footprint instead of a lodge and short term winter visitation of our pristine environments ensures we can keep coming back to our favourite locations.

Yellow Cedar Initiatives

2% of revenue is donated towards environmental initiatives.

These donations are made to local non-profit conservation organizations, maintaining local backcountry huts and trails, parks, and community environmental programs. These initiatives help to directly or indirectly offset our carbon footprint.

An additional 2% is donated towards youth and community programs.

This is done by subsidizing community initiatives, youth and First Nation outdoor education programs for those 16 and under in the Sea to Sky area. To donate play a part in aiding these programs, contact us. 

Cultural heritage

Atna Adventures and the divisions of this small company (Chilko Basecamps and Ipsoot Journeys) utilize names originating of First Nations language that hope to pay homage towards First Nation culture and heritage. Though anglicized, the names are our small attempt towards supporting that culture and heritage through language, and in aiding indigenous decolonization. In being respectful of the areas visited, our hope is to be respectful of ancestral First Nations territories. 

Join a fabulous cultural tour to learn more about First Nation culture and heritage.
Our logo by Maynard (Thii Hayqwtun) Johnny Jr, is an effort towards supporting local First Nations art. Read more about that symbol


About the photo below: A Nuxalk (pronunciation similar New-hawk) carving along the Bella Coola river where the Noosgultch river joins it. It is placed at an old village site known as Canoe Crossing, though historically known as Taliyumx. Blue is a signature colour of the Nuxalk'imc people.