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What people had to say about a trip with Chilko Basecamps

That trip was amazing
— David, Coquitlam, Duffey Fest 2017
Good times. Thanks for the incredible guiding.
— Jo, Squamish, Duffey Fest 2017
Well done! You guys are an easy going and professional crew.
— Ted, Vancouver, Duffey Fest 2017
Thanks for making it happen, it was a blast and educational to boot!
— Peter, Whistler, Duffey Fest 2017
That was a fun trip guys! It was great to be out with a competent crew and knowledgeable guides.
— Brendan, Vancouver, Duffey Fest 2017
Fun trip with awesome people.
— Win, Vancouver, Duffey Fest 2017
Pleasure to get after it with all of you! Big thank you for your professionalism and expertise.”

(continued) “Pretty stoked about my experience the past 3 days with Chilko Basecamps winter camping North of Pemberton. Bagged a peak, enjoyed long walks and talks surrounded by the beautiful Coast mountains and reinforced our avalanche awareness education.
— Chris, Vancouver, Duffey Fest 2017
So great meeting everyone, had a blast.”

(continued)”Killer trip in B.C. This place is huge. Learned a ton about avalanche safety, bagged a killer summit and had some decent early-season turns.
— Jared, Utah, Duffey Fest 2017
It was a really great trip.
— Micheal, Vancouver, Duffey Fest 2017
Yeehaw! Thanks for facilitating such a great trip.
— Brett, Whistler, Duffey Fest 2017
Lots learnt, especially the marvels of backcountry sanitary engineering, out house etiquette, route finding, and track setting.
— Eric, Vancouver, Duffey Fest 2017
Thanks for the great trip. Feels like I’ve learnt a lot.
- The best thing about camping in snow is the stars and peaceful winter silence.
— Anitra, Whistler, Duffey Fest 2017
Co-founders Brett & Thea spent 3 days backcountry glamping. Who knew snow camping could be so comfortable and FUN!
— Mountain Mentors Program, Duffey Fest 2017
Having the basecamp tent drastically improves the experience of winter camping! It’s great to have a warm, social place to hang out after a wicked day of riding.
— Thea, Squamish, Duffey Fest 2017
thanks for organizing and hosting such a great trip
— Marc, Coquitlam, Duffey Fest 2017
I’m still reliving the trip in my head, it was great!
— Nick, Vancouver, Mystery Creek 2017
A big snowfall, followed by a couple days of clear weather set us up for perfect conditions over the last five days. For the last day of 2017, we skied a nice loop up and around Mount Currie, enjoying some really fun skiing along the way. Thanks Chilko Basecamps for putting it all together!
— Rich, Vancouver, Mystery Creek 2017
Amazing Trip, thanks!
— Laura, Britania Beach, Mystery Creek 2017
Thanks a bunch for organizing such a successful trip!
— Adriana, North Vancouver, Mystery Creek 2017
The view from the top of Mount Currie revealed yet another hidden world of adventure, beauty and exploration. Thank you Chilko Basecamps for yet another wonderful adventure! What a way to wrap up 2017 and kick off the new year! 4 days with wonderful people, amazing turns and ever more learning.
— Roz, Invermere, Mystery Creek 2017