Weather & Snow


bring goggles and sunglasses both 

Advanced forecasts and our diversity of location choices means that we work with the weather rather not against it. The mobility of the basecamps allow us to choose the best location for the right condition.

Our mid-winter trips are primarily offered in the Pemberton with opportunities to enjoy great powder skiing/boarding when heavy snows fall.



Our high glaciated trips and our trips in the Central Coast Range are reserved for the more stable months of April and May. Spring weather is more reliable with less frequent storms and larger high pressure systems. Camps like Nirvana Pass and other Pantheon locations are in the more eastern and drier portion of the central Coast Mountains, giving us some diversity of choice even when the weather doesn't look great. 




If a storm does hit when we're camped on the glaciers or in the high alpine, time to batter down the hatches. 



What then about the snow conditions?


Most long-time skier or split-boarder will tell you the spring is their favourite time. Long days, the legs are in shape, warmth is back to the mountains, full snowpack, more stable avalanche conditions and best of all, the corn skiing. High elevation locations in the spring give us the possibility of powder on the north aspects and corn snow on the south. Timing is everything and our guides know how to sniff it out. 

Mid-winter snow conditions are typical BC conditions with a Coast Mountain twist. This means an abundance of snow and a stable snowpack allowing us to get into the bigger terrain with a better safety margin.