Safety: Communication

What are your guides carrying for communication?

All our staff members (cook included) will have a radio for the week with a spare battery. Our iCom professional grade VHF radios allows us to talk back and forth and make sure we can set you up for that perfect ski line.

And when you biff it, we'll mock it over the airwave sounding something like this:

First guide: "Bhahaha. Oh my dog did you catch Johnny's tomahawk?!"

Second guide: "No, I see him now though, is he alright?"

First guide: "He's shaking off the dust but I think he lost a ski. Can you give the poor sod a high-five and help him out?"

Second guide: "Sure. We'll take a selfie together, he probably looks like the yeti reborn."

First guide: "Atta boy. Tag me on the 'gram later."

That's what radios are for.

We can also communicate with any nearby operators on one of our 120+ pre-programmed channel (we've got everyone's #) in the event of an emergency. 

Each guide has an inReach to communicate between each other in-case of no radio contact. We can also reach the outside world to get up to date avalanche info and weather forecasts, or to call in the cavalry. Our communication gives us a greater safety net so we can have a good time in big terrain where everyone comes home from the mountains happy.